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Coping with life events and the associated stress is a universal issue.  Copology, a universal force, demonstrates an effective, efficient, assessment, identification, prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation system and process for coping with these disorders, problems, and the associated life events.. 
Copology addresses and provides coping services for coping disorders and problems, such as the examples  listed below:
psychotic disorders (thinking problems)
mood disorders, (depression and mania)
anxiety disorders, (fear and anger problems)
somatoform disorders,
factitious disorders,
dissociative disorders,
sexual,gender identity (sexual problems)
eating disorders
sleep disorders
emotions disorders
impulse control disorders
personality disorders,
stress disorders 
relational disorders
time management disorders   
Premenstrual Syndrome problems
attention deficit hyperactivity disorders
disruptive behaviour disorders     
substance abuse disorders (drugs,alcohol etc.)
learning disorders   
communication disorders   
elimination disorders
child abuse and neglect
sexual abuse
adjustment disorders,
employee assistance
medical problems
intellectual disorders
couples,marital disorders
deviant behaviors
hostage negotiations
victimization disorders
perpetrator disorders
restorative justice
disaster preparedness
mediation (conflict dispute)
arbitration (conflict dispute)
war disorders (Post Traumatic Stress)
cultural difficulties
religious problems
school problems
social problems
educational problems
recreational problems

Other difficulties

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