The Universal Force
(The Essential Nature of Coping)
Copology  International Conference
Papers and posters are being solicited for presentation at the Copology International Conference by all interested scholars and graduate students from all relevant disciplines.  (Previous participants have come from UK, China, Africa, Greece, Israel, India, Russian, France, and United States.)

You are asked to submit a proposal in one of two methods: a Research Paper or Poster Session, which can either reflect the major conference theme:

                                               Coping Models for the 21st Century

or one of  the following subject matters listed below:

-    Coping factor management
-    Disasters
-    Local, national, or international crime
-    Terrorism
-    Medical catastrophies
-    Relational crisis
-    Personal, interpersonal contextual violence
-    Local, national, or international violence
-    Cultural conflicts
-    Identity crisis
-    DSM-IV-TR relevance to life events
-    Emotions management
Paper Presentations can be descriptive or research based. (1 hour)  Poster Sesssions should provide a summary of research and allow for individual questions from participants (2 hours per day).
The proposal deadline is pending at this time.  If interested please send a brief abstract (300 words) a brief biography of the presenter(s) and a copy of your proposal.  The proposal should include the following headings:

Title, Author, Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email, Institution Affiliation (if applicable), Abstract (300 words or less) and Presentation Material Requirements.

These documents can be sent electronically to copology@aol.com

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